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Research and Development Activities at GIRDA

Gujarat Industrial Research and Development Agency has recognition of Scientific and Industrial Research Organizations (SIRO), New Delhi functioning under Ministry of Science & Technology.

Major R & D Projects undertaken

  • Effect of moisture content of fusion bonded epoxy powder on its performance, properties, application for 3LPE pipe system.
  • Optimization of ceric ammonium nitrate initiated graft co- polymerization of Acrylonitrile onto sodium salt of partially carboraymethylated sodium alginate.
  • Thermal behavior analysis of different types of flux for Magnesium melting.

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Head Office
GIRDA, Vadodara
Science Collage Compand,B/h Bio Chemistry Department,M.S.University, Sayajigunj, Vadodara - 390002, Gujarat,INDIA.
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Fax : 0265-2795548
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